One of the most common questions on Wikia is, what is this site for? What do we do here?

Well, there's actually lots you can do! Wikia Wikis come equipped with a userbase and a quick, easy-to-use editing and viewing format, allowing people from all walks of life to come together and collaborate on projects. This means even if you're not fluent in English, but you have some other skills, you can still help out-you could clean up vandalism, perhaps, or translate the Wiki into other languages! Any help is appreciated!

How to help

First, you'll need to get accustomed to editing. Don't be scared! This is quite easy. Look on any page for an edit button. It'll be blue, with white text, and it'll be by the page title.

Note on 'uneditable pages'

Uneditable pages are ones that you as a normal user cannot edit. Some, like Special: pages, are uneditable by normal means. Most others can be edited by an administrator. Such pages are protected pages, MediaWiki pages, and User blog pages.

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