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Need some help?Edit

The World of Tanks Wiki users are here to help! If you're curious about something, try messaging a user on their talk page and asking for clarity with an issue. You can contact our administration directly by going to chat, when an admin is on, or the IRC chat, if an admin is on; however, you may also want to use their Talk page, as they can provide a much more in-depth answer. This page has your administration listed.

What is World of Tanks, anyway?Edit

Main article: World of Tanks

World of Tanks is an MMO World War II armoured warfare simulation game, developed by Wargaming. Every vehicle is a historically accurate representation of tanks used (or at least conceived) in the World War II time period, and most of the tanks have seen real battle--except for a remote few, which never saw production: thus making this game even more unique, as it uses some tanks that never saw life outside of blueprints.

How can I help?Edit

This Wiki is currently understaffed and inactive: you've got all the resources, however, to make it thrive, and make it into something to be proud of!

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