The World of Tanks Game Client is a program downloaded for free that allows the user to play World of Tanks. It features all the necessary features for playing, and no other downloads are required.

It is an .exe program, and thus will not work with Mac or Linux-however, there are ways to unofficially use it on Mac or Linux.

Downloading and installing the game client Edit

The game client can be downloaded from the official page at [1].

Running the updater should be a standard procedure for players before playing the game. Downloading and installing patches manually should only be done for troubleshooting and/or to bypass high traffic times.

To properly install the game you need to:

  • 1. Downloading the most recent game client installer.
  • 2. Run the installer (preferably as administrator).
  • 3. Read terms and conditions. Close the installer if you don't accept.
  • 4. Select the folder you wish World of Tanks to be installed in.
  • 5. Wait for the installation to complete and then close the installer.
  • 6. Run the updater and wait for any patches to be downloaded and applied.
  • 7. Run the game.

Installing on Mac OS X and LinuxEdit

Warning: These methods are not officially supported by and may not always work.

Mac OS X: There are 2 options for installing and running World of Tanks on Mac OS X.

Linux: There are 3 options for installing and running World of Tanks on Linux.

  • 1. Follow the instructions located here to use Wine on Debian-based distributions (including Ubuntu).
  • 2. Use a Wine-based program like PlayOnLinux or CrossOver Linux.
  • 3. Use Wine on its own (requires advanced technical knowledge to setup).

Purchasable Items within Game ClientEdit

The only purchasable item within the game client is Gold. With Gold, you can purchase many more in-game things and sometimes you can convert the Gold into experience points for use on more tanks and attachments and the like.

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