The World of Tanks Common Test is a service of Wargaming that allows players who have registered an account with them to play the next version of World of Tanks early, in order to give feedback and test out various equipment.

This is still free-to-play, and though account balances do not transfer between servers, the player's account is automatically credited with 20,000 Gold, 100,000,000 credits, and 100,000,000 Free Experience. No prior experience with beta testing (or even normal gameplay) is required; all you have to do is download the Common Test Client and update it to the most recent version, and if a Common Test is in action, you can join other players!

All gameplay aspects from World of Tanks normal mode are carried over, though some new features are often added.


Account BalanceEdit

  • 1000000 Złota
  • 100,000,000 Credits
  • 100,000,000 Free Experience


It should be noted that actual play can be altered quite a bit in this mode, for a majority of reasons. The most important of which are detailed below.

Overpowered Vehicles/PlayersEdit

This is a very common thing on the Common Test server, due to the fact that players already have so much free Experience, Credits, and Gold to waste in whatever way they can. This means most players will spend gold (or credits) on huge amounts of "gold" ammo, which is stronger than other kinds of ammunition and will naturally do more damage.

Players can also equip and prepare their tank to the teeth, giving it ample Equipment, Consumables, and Camouflage without worrying about their account.

Due to these two reasons, you should always be aware of your surroundings and aim for weak spots!

New FeaturesEdit

The point of the Common Test is to ensure the functionality and appreciation of new features to be released in the next update; thus, you should always give feedback and test them out. Be aware, though, that they can and will surprise you at times!

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