Hello, everyone! Today, I would like to tell you all about the newest event here at WOTWikia. We're hosting an art contest!


  • You must be 13 years or older to participate-sorry, folks, but this is members-only and the Terms of Use dictates that you must be thirteen or older to sign up.
  • Your image can break no copyrights-please, do not claim the images you draw as your own only-it WILL get you in trouble!
  • The image must be hand-drawn, photoshopped, or well-made. No screenshots. For appropriate Photoshopping methods and photoshop image details are found here.
  • Admins are limited to 2 images; users are limited to 3.
  • Please, do NOT assault other users in your images! They will be deleted and the severity of the offense will gauge your block time.
  • It would be preferable to use actual World of Tanks items, vehicles, areas, and objects as the focus of your artwork.
  • Crossover art is allowed, so long as it features something from World of Tanks.

Photoshopped Images

A photoshopped image must have the following.

  • A clear purpose
  • Clear image
  • World of Tanks things ONLY
  • Preferably, a background.


Your awards may entail the following!

Grand Prize

Your artwork may become featured as not only a Featured Image on the Main Page and Community Corner, but also a part of the wordmark! It may also become the background image of the Main Page, if it's large enough! :O

Second Place

Your image will become featured on our "Featured Images" tab on the Main page, as well as a place in Community Corner.

Third Place

Your image will be placed on the Main Page!

So draw, draw, draw!

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