Hello everyone. Today is the day I address an important issue: templates.

As you all well know, every wiki uses Templates to do everything from display information, navigate, and warn to talk, greet, and have fun. This Wiki has a wide host of them already; templates like Template:Stub and Template:Tank-CB are two very good examples. However, our Tank infobox (Template:Tank) is very, very outdated and does not display nearly enough information to users looking for important details. I'm currently considering totally overhauling our current template to fit every detail on a tank; when and if this happens, I'm asking all editors except administrators to temporarily stop editing tank's pages until the template switch and update is done.

The template name and page will likely stay the same; however, the order and number of parameters will greatly change. I will be working on an example template on my test wiki, and you can look it over when it's done.

Thank you for your cooperation in this.

-- MasterCeadeus 20:50, March 29, 2014 (UTC)

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