-This is a short manual detailing how to use the Tank Destroyer class to the best of your ability.


When using a Tank Destroyer, you must always remember that they are typically slow and extremely well-armored: they won't be penetrated easily. However, their slowness means that they are wont to stay in one place, and you, as a tank destroyer's captain, must learn how to use this to your advantage. The great thing about Tank destroyers' weight is the fact that they cannot be moved easily: they make for good barracades-especially when destroyed.


When using a Tank Destroyer's offensive power, you must be extremely careful. Because they have so much destructive power, you may find yourself hurting everything-or not hurting enough, as likely as is not.

The first step is finding a good place to sit; Tank Destroyers are not scouts. Find high ground-high, but camouflaged and easily maneuverable. From here, shoot whatever enemy vehicle is within your shooting ability; the higher your ground, the more deadly you are.

An interesting note about these is the fact that they make deadly bombs; this sounds like nonsense, granted, but is quite true. If you are to fall from a ledge or bridge onto an enemy, you are quite likely to destroy them wholly-and if you do not die, you can simply ride off of them and finish it in whatever way possible.

The first target should be the tracks of an enemy vehicle; totally break both of them, and then focus on the commander/driver, whose weakpoints will usually be in the front, and through the holes or hatches. If you destroy both of these, you can circle around-or, if you have enough space, simply aim differently-and destroy them from the backside. You might also want to take aim at the turret traverse as well; and feel free to blast the tracks a few more times. If they seem to have a repair kit, remember-they can only have two.

Good EquipmentEdit

Some good equipment to invest in for most tank destroyers is:

  • Gun Laying Drive
  • Gun Rammer
  • Camouflage Net
  • Binocular Telescope

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