{{{hp}}} Hit Points
{{{wtlimit}}} Weight/Load limit(t)
{{{enginepwr}}} Engine Power (h.p.)
{{{speedlim}}} Speed limit (km/h)
{{{turnspeed}}} Traverse Speed (deg/s)
{{{armor}}} Hull armor (front/sides/rear mm)
{{{tarmor}}} Turret armor (front/sides/rear mm)
{{{damage}}} Standard Shell Damage
{{{pen}}} Standard Shell Penetration (mm)
{{{rof}}} Rate of Fire (rounds/min)
{{{tspeed}}} Turret Traverse speed (deg/sec)
{{{view}}} View Range
{{{signal}}} Signal Range




The {{{name}}} is a Tier {{{tier}}} Tank Destroyer.

American Tank Destroyer, Tier 3












Upgrades from-T18 T82 Upgrades into-T40, M8A1

The T82 is an American tier 3 tank destroyer.

It was originally built in mind for a light tank for use in the Pacific Theatre. It was based on the M5 chassis and utilized a M3 105mm howitzer. It was never put into mass production after trials in 1944.

Compared with the T18, the T82 has good speed and excellent view range, but no armor. With this tank you have the choice of three guns: the deceptively excellent 57mm Gun M1 L/50, which is good for sniping with a high RoF and DPM. The 105mm is a howitzer with massive damage and a bit higher penetration than on 75mm with low accuracy and long reload time. T82 should be played from far still even with the howitzers, because you lack armor you are better off being in the secondary lines. The T82 leads to the T40 and the M8A1.

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