120 Hit Points
? Weight/Load limit(t)
15.27 Engine Power (h.p.)
41 Speed limit (km/h)
34 Traverse Speed (deg/s)
? Hull armor (front/sides/rear mm)
Turret armor. Similar to Hull. Turret armor (front/sides/rear mm)
Standard shell damage Standard Shell Damage
Standard penetration Standard Shell Penetration (mm)
rate of fire Rate of Fire (rounds/min)
Turret traverse speed Turret Traverse speed (deg/sec)
240 View Range
Signal range Signal Range

T1 cunningham

Screenshot 4

In-game description

The T1 Cunningham is a Tier I Light Tank.

description from a player's POV



Wot gun icon
name of gun here


research cost Research cost
purchase cost Purchase price

Specs: Template:GunSpecs/T1 Cunningham


Wot turret icon


{{{rcost}}} Research cost
{{{pcost}}} Purchase price

Specs: Template:TurretSpecs/T1 Cunningham




{{{rcost}}} Research cost
{{{pcost}}} Purchase price





{{{rcost}}} Research cost
{{{pcost}}} Purchase price

Specs: Template:EngineSpecs/T1 Cunningham




{{{rcost}}} Research cost
{{{pcost}}} Purchase price

Specs: Template:TrackSpecs/T1 Cunningham

Upgrades from-None T1 Cunningham Upgrades into-T2 Medium, M2 Light, T57, T18

The T1 Cunningham is an American made tank, the first in your arsenal when you download the Game Client program.

Prototypes were developed by James Cunningham, Son & Company (Rochester, NY) from 1927 through 1928. Various modifications of the vehicle were tested until 1934. However, the tank never saw mass production. The first American tank available to the player, the T1 Cunningham is popular with many players for its "bug-eyed" appearance. It has the second-weakest tier I armor; however, it has the best top speed of any tier I. Although it does not excel at bouncing shots, its high rate of fire guns are forces to be reckoned with for its tier. The T1 Cunningham leads to the T2 Medium , the M2 Light , the T57 and the T18 .

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