{{{hp}}} Hit Points
{{{wtlimit}}} Weight/Load limit(t)
{{{enginepwr}}} Engine Power (h.p.)
{{{speedlim}}} Speed limit (km/h)
{{{turnspeed}}} Traverse Speed (deg/s)
{{{armor}}} Hull armor (front/sides/rear mm)
{{{tarmor}}} Turret armor (front/sides/rear mm)
{{{damage}}} Standard Shell Damage
{{{pen}}} Standard Shell Penetration (mm)
{{{rof}}} Rate of Fire (rounds/min)
{{{tspeed}}} Turret Traverse speed (deg/sec)
{{{view}}} View Range
{{{signal}}} Signal Range

[[File:Screenshot 2|right|50px]]

[[File:Screenshot 1|250px]]


The {{{name}}} is a Tier {{{tier}}} Light Tanks.

A Light Tank from the German Army. It bears a small, weak look, yet it may surprise some with its strength.












This tank was developed in secret since the Treaty of Versailles prevented. To avoid suspicion, it was developed under the name of "Traktor" . The "VK-31" was then tested with the Soviets under intense secrecy in 1926 to 1933 near Kazan. When WW2 broke out, it was used only as a training tank.

The Leichtrakktor is the first German vehicle in your arsenal when you first download and operate the game client. It is rather slow and small, and its power isn't great, but as a last resort, it gives you a fighting chance.

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