The Garage is the central 'lobby' for the game. This is the area which you upgrade tanks and modules, repair and resupply vehicles, and initiate battles-as well as organize platoons, companies, and teams. In appearance, it consists of a rather small building akin to a bus or car shop garage, with less tools, of course, and a small never-opening door.


Inwardly and tangibly, however, the Garage is much more-it is a portal to the World of Tanks game.
Screenshot 89

The garage, showing the SU-5 SPG.

The entire garage can be used for any function that can be done in the game, except for host battles in itself-these have to be initiated through the topmost button in the garage, labelled "Battle".

The ButtonsEdit

The Garage contains a few buttons regardless of game/battle status, and these are used for whatever action is appropriate at that time. Some buttons that are reliant on battle status would be the Crew Rail; this differs with each tank, and their fighting status-in a battle or ready. The "Ready!" button is a variation of the battle button: it is reliant on the battle type you are doing.

The Battle ButtonEdit


the Battle Button, in normal status.

The Battle Button is used to initiate a Random Battle, in normal circumstances. However, if you have a team or a platoon battle and you are the commander, it takes three different forms, and they are indicated by not only the main button's label but the dropdown's label as well. When you're "Not Ready" on almost any 'team' organized battle and in any player status, the button will have a label on it reading "Ready!". When you click this, the button will change to (if it does not say already) "Battle!"
Screenshot 91

The Battle Button outlined.

During this time, the Battle Button will have a drop-down menu labelled "Team Battle", "Platoon", "Tank Company", "Team Battle", or "Team Training". However, the main button will still follow the same steps.

The Dropdown MenuEdit

The dropdown menu-though this has been discussed already-is the menu under the Battle button that allows you to choose what type of battle you are going to be in. However, certain choices are case-sensitive and in fact only two can be interchosen: Random Battle and Platoon. The rest depend on what form you are currently in: if you're in Tank Company, for example.
Screenshot 92

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