The Wyvernian Tech Tree is the tech tree for a fantasy nation developed by Master Ceadeus 27. This fantasy nation was in the area that is now inhabited by Germany, Hungary, Spain, and the areas around it, and existed in a past age, where the world was very, very different. The world was reformed so that what was to the east of Wyvernhome (the nation this tech tree belongs to) became the western lands, while Wyvernhome fell and became Europe.

The Wyvernians became involved in the World Wars due to conflicts arising from the Naktureans and their descendants; in 1928 secret war broke out, and thus begins the history of their tanks.

Wyvernian tanks tend to be built for ambush and speed, thought they lack in firepower and armor, for the most part.

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- O-C-1 -
II        O-C-2
        Light Tank
III     O-C 3 Mk 2
        Light Tank
       /          \

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