Hello, welcome to World of Tanks Wiki's Fanon Portal!

Here, you can find links to various helpful pages around the wiki relating to its fanon content.

About FanonEdit

Fanon is any user-made content that is not considered in-game-canon content. Such examples would be fanfictions (Yes, world of tanks fanfictions can exist), battle stories (even if these happened in-game, and are recorded, they still fall under Fanon jurisdiction), artwork, and fan-made tanks.

Note on FanonEdit

When uploading Fanon to our wiki, you MUST use the prefix Fanon:! This is an official namespace of the World of Tanks Wikia and must be remembered. For files, upload them with the name Fanon-image-the_name_of_your_image. Please do not use official names when naming fanon files.

You may consider using SketchUp or similar software to help you in "building" your fanon creations!

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