{{{hp}}} Hit Points
{{{wtlimit}}} Weight/Load limit(t)
{{{enginepwr}}} Engine Power (h.p.)
{{{speedlim}}} Speed limit (km/h)
{{{turnspeed}}} Traverse Speed (deg/s)
{{{armor}}} Hull armor (front/sides/rear mm)
{{{tarmor}}} Turret armor (front/sides/rear mm)
{{{damage}}} Standard Shell Damage
{{{pen}}} Standard Shell Penetration (mm)
{{{rof}}} Rate of Fire (rounds/min)
{{{tspeed}}} Turret Traverse speed (deg/sec)
{{{view}}} View Range
{{{signal}}} Signal Range


Chi Ni


The {{{name}}} is a Tier {{{tier}}} Medium Tanks.

Japanese Tier 2 Medium Tank












Upgrades from-Renault Otsu Chi-Ni Upgrades into-Chi-Ha


The Chi-Ni is a rather large tank for its Tier. It isn't that fast either and has a low amount of hitpoints to dish out. The gun selection isn't that great, you have the machine from the Otsu, a 3.7cm Gun and a HE slinging 5.7cm. It has medium but long profile making it prone to shots.


As previously stated, this tank does not have a very small profile, it is easy to shoot. It's not particularly easy to dodge in either, with a rather low speed limit. The 3.7cm gun is nice but not all that great in DPM and the 5.7cm is only useful when using HE. Overall the tank can either be a support HE tank or a second advance tank.

Historical InformationEdit

Type 97 Chi-Ni

Type 97 Chi-Ni Prototype

The Type 97 Chi-Ni was designed as a low-cost and light replacement to the Chi-Ha. When the two faced each other in trails, the Chi-Ha prevailed. As a result, only prototypes of this tank existed.

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