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Japanese TanksEdit

Japanese Tanks were introduced in patch 8.10 for World of Tanks. They feature a full on Medium Tank Line comprised of nine Mediums and a secondary Light Tank Line comprised of Four Lights. The Tree starts with the Renault Otsu, a captured NC-31, and continues from there. It ends with the STB-1 as its Tier 10. 

The tanks appear to have great gun depression and have high rates of fire. Their accuracy is well on par with the other tanks but do not particularly stand out from the crowd. The speed is quite average and start to slightly increase near the end. The guns start out average, nothing too special, but then start to take on more forgien characteristics. For instance, at Tier 7, the top gun is similar to the autoloading guns of the French and Tier 8 on appear to take influence from American and British weaponry.

Medium Tanks are agile and have good guns for their Tier most of the time. The Chi-Ri has an autoloading 7.5cm gun and the STA-1 on borrows from American and British weaponry. 

Light Tanks are very agile, have great speed and little bleeding on turns. For their Tiers, the guns are quite good and can snipe from afar. Unlike most Tier 4 lights, the Ke-Ho is armed well and doesn't seem to suffer from the dreaded Scout MM.

Light TanksEdit

Tier 1: Renault Otsu

Tier 2: Ha-Go

Tier 3: Ke-Ni

Tier 3: Ke-Ni Otsu (Premium)

Tier 4: Ke-Ho

Medium TanksEdit

Tier 2: Chi-Ni

Tier 3: Chi-Ha

Tier 4: Chi-He

Tier 5: Chi-Nu

Tier 6: Chi-To

Tier 7: Chi-Ri

Tier 8: STA-1

Tier 9: Type 61

Tier 10: STB-1

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